When you first come to a caterer after the thrill and excitement of the decision to get married, you are expected to be a bit apprehensive about what lies in store. You've probably heard stories from others about issues they might have had with other caterers or others involved with wedding planning.

Let us assure you from the start, at Sascha's, our first and most sincere concern is to make you feel comfortable. This is most likely the most joyous event of your life. We are here to enhance the spirit of the day, not to detract from it in any way. To be frank, we actually enjoy being part of your wedding day.

If it was just work to us, we couldn't be very good at it. It's not just about preparing good food and serving it to your guests. Any decent caterer can go that. What separates Sascha's from the rest of the bunch, is how we do what we do.

Most importantly, we listen. We listen to you, your fiancé, and your family. You are the focal point, the two who deserve the attention and consideration beyond everyone else. But we also know that in many instances, there are several people who are intimately involved in your wedding plans. We will do our very best to accommodate those close to you. You will most likely come to Sascha's with ideas from many different sources. We want you to share with us from the start what you want the day to look, taste and feel like. As caterers for weddings, we do much more than serve food. We create a mood, and an atmosphere that you want for your day.

Take a few moments to browse our site and have a glimpse of our menus and other information. If we seem to tickle your interest, please give us a call at 410-539-6103 and we'll be happy to tell you more.